The Patient Process



Let’s say your patient is an excellent candidate for a surgery. Instead of repeating your typical “why this procedure is important for their health” pitch, have them scan your unique code.

Watch & Learn

The patient watches brief videos about what their health care provider is suggesting. This quickly helps transfer knowledge and increase acceptance.


Now that the patient has more knowledge and insight about the process, case acceptance and conversion can be expedited. Patients can quickly inquire about an appointment.

Why Health Innovations?

Proven Practice Impact on Patient Satisfaction and Practice Efficiencies

We are a unique company that transforms lives, products and businesses through a breakthrough, frictionless consumer experience platform (CXP) that pairs proprietary mobile intelligence Software-as-a-Service with insightful short-form video storytelling to drive positive behavioral outcomes for patients and consumers.


Direct to Patient

Simple 5 Star Reviews

The new frictionless way to have your clients leave their best reviews at their Height of Delight


All the client has to do is send a text, click the link, then press POST to leave your business’s next 5-Star Review.


Automated review systems are great, but you know the moment that your customer is at their Height of Delight, and that’s when they’ll leave their best review.


You can’t buy the height of your customer’s delight, but you can capture it to help bring more customers through the door.

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